SPT IM-600US Undercounter Ice Maker for Your Native-American Pottery Event

The SPT IM-600US is generally seen as a machine that could make as much as 50 pounds of ice on a daily basis, which represents a very large quantity. Tropical bars and busy restaurants are normally in need of such a device, however the same cannot be said for private home owners. Unless you organize big parties on a consistent basis and have a cocktail bar at your home, this big volume of ice would be too much for you. But, the SPT IM-600US Ice Maker has the ability to store up to the ice quantity of 25 pounds in its detachable bin making it possible for users to safely use it at any time they are in need of crystal clear ice cubes.

This relatively big machine could be free standing or built-in alongside other appliances. Black cabinet and a stainless steel door are made in an elegant way, and a full-length handle functions well as an awesome ergonomic detail.

The front exhaust fan is made in such a way that it allows the device to be positionednext towalls as well as other machines, however with the height of 32.8″ and weight of 84 pounds, SPT IM-600US isn’t a machine that will be moved around a lot.

What’s intriguing and captivating with this ice maker, is the fact that ice doesn’t really come out in little cubes, but instead, they are in sheets of ice that need a slight tap via a scoop in a bid to separate the individual cubes.

Some individuals will see this feature as something highly useful while others won’t fancy the idea – however, it’s what it is and we cannot do much about it.

Another possible deal-breaker when it comes to this machine could be the noise due to the fact that a few customers have made complaints concerning the noise levels this air-cooled ice maker generates, even though the maker says that the noise levels are somewhere around 50-60 dB, which represents an average number as far as similar devices are concerned.